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The world's leading carpet & upholstery cleaner.

The world's leading carpet and upholstery cleaner.  Drier.  Cleaner.  Healthier.

Piedmont Chem-Dry

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Upholstery Cleaning Greenville, SC

Piedmont Chem-Dry offers Unique Upholstery Cleaning Advantages in Greenville, SC:

·         Safe for all kinds of upholstery, including some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics.

·         Safe for children and pets.

·         A money saver because Chem-Dry leaves no dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely resoil your upholstery.

·         Great for auto interiors, boat interiors, office dividers and any upholstered item.

·         Chem-Dry’s fabric Protector protects your upholstery by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of your upholstery material.

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