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Back to School Dirt & Grim
School is back in session and the children are no longer making you crazy in your house. Although with back to school comes, back to activities for your children. Whether it's football, soccer, baseball, dance practice or anything else, your schedule is full of going from this point to there everyday! We know how hard of a hassle it is trying to get the kids out of the house promptly and remembering their equipment. Don’t let this get to you or your home. We've got some tips of keeping all your kid’s sports off of the carpet and into the correct place. Save your valuable carpet and follow these quick steps:
1. Make a “Drop Space”
Regardless of whether you have a mud room, garage or front door, create a designated spot or basket for your children to put all of their sports equipment into whenever they go back home coming from all their practices. This educates them to put things away in an tidy fashion. This helps when you are late to practice and can’t seem to locate one cleat or that one baseball glove. You'll be aware that it's there and you simply won’t be asking your children 100 times where they left it. It will keep your stressful days much easier to have all your kid’s stuff in one space. And your carpets will remain looking fresh without all of the dirt and grim being dragged throughout them.
2. Make Your Kids Help
We all know