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April 15, 2015


Are You Looking for Pet Urine and Odor Removal?

Domestic pets are an important and appreciated aspect of several households. Even the most well-trained household pets are capable of having accidents and may go back to the same general place to urinate repeatedly. More than a basic cleaning product could very well be the necessity to eliminate urine and odors. Here at A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry, we provide a product recognized as PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) that, on contact, immediately begins breaking up the urine crystals.

How PURT Works:

1. First, our highly trained technician determines the origin and seriousness of the scent. Usually we discover the urine by using a particular device, for example a black light. The flooring will then be rinsed with hot water and extracted to pull out a lot of the urine crystals.

2. The carpet will be pulled back around the problem areas to reveal the degree of the damage, in the most severe scenario.

3. The pad is often removed and swapped out if it's necessary.

4. An odor blocking shellac ought to be applied to the subfloor if it's established mandatory.

5. PURT is then put on generously enough to absorb in all of the urine affected areas.

6. The ingredients in PURT will react with the urine and deal with the odor on the molecular level within the next 24-36 hours.

One of the benefits regarding this product is how safe it is! Your household will smell fresh and clean again and your little ones and pets will not be in harm’s way. You can learn more about PURT here.


March 16, 2015


Don’t Let Spring Cleaning Push You Over the Edge

The beginning of spring is in view! As the weather gets warmer, it operates as a reminder to give your place a fresh, clean start. Help your home become a much safer, wholesome spot to live in by turning to the pros at A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry.

Tips from A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry

Contact the Professionals

Throughout the winter months, grime and germs generally collect more than during the rest of the year. The optimal way to appropriately rid your home of these unwanted particles is to call A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry and set up an appointment. Using our green certified solution, your possessions will have a deeper and healthier cleaning than what you will find with additional service providers. Furthermore, we use 80% less water than the majority of steam cleaners so you will discover that we present a faster drying service. Your home is going to be dry within just a few hours and no mold or mildew will develop.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

In damp areas of your property, mildew and mold may have developed and can spark hypersensitive reactions. During this time of the year especially, those with allergy symptoms don’t need one more thing to set them off. Inspect your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas to verify your home doesn’t have fungal growth and use non-toxic cleaning tools remove what may be there.

Make a Dust-Free Setting

Thoroughly dusting every section of your home - including filters, ducts, and vents - you decrease your home’s contact with pollens and other airborne irritants. Typical vacuuming cuts down the amount of dust that settles in your carpet. It is advised to vacuum at the very least 1-3 times each week.

Let’s greet spring with a clean, happy home!


February 6, 2015

What types of bacteria are actually brought into the household?

raccoon door.gif

Maybe you haven't had any raccoon burglars sneaking in by way of your pet's door, but it's difficult to keep record of precisely what your home has been exposed to. It is critical to sanitize your carpets and upholstery frequently. It's particularly beneficial to sanitize households with small children and pets. We don’t imagine that you would want your young one, who enjoys crawling on upholstery and carpets, to be rolling around in bacteria and dangerous allergens.

Sanitization is a crucial answer to minimize allergens and bacteria, making the home the healthiest it could be for you and your loved ones. The fibers of upholstery and carpets will quickly collect and lock in a great number of allergens and germs. These particles can spread sickness and magnify asthma or allergies. The regular irritants that originate from dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and pests will be greatly reduced if you go with the sanitizing method that we happily present to our customers.

With our deodorizer, we have become made ready to benefit customers who happen to be worried about a smell in the carpets or upholstery. Our technicians are educated in a protectant to defend against upcoming spills and stains. We have a one of a kind method to remove pet urine and pet odors. With many regions of focused training, we really want our customers to find out their house is in excellent hands.

Call  A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry to learn more about making your home the healthiest it can be!

January 19, 2015

Those ugly dark lines around your baseboards are unpleasant to look at, and they only get worse over time. Filtration lines, as these areas are known, are more prominent on light-colored carpet.

How did I get filtration lines?

It is true that the vacuum cannot reach the edges of the carpet well, but that is only one piece of the problem. Even the most recently built and updated homes still have small spaces between the boards where air can travel. Beneath walls and doors, air passes through these small spaces because of temperature change and pressure differences. The carpet fibers catch any debris that the air may be holding when it passes through the spaces. As time passes your carpets will become darker in these areas as microscopic dust, oil, and dirt builds up in your carpet.

How can I get rid of filtration lines?

In order to eliminate the filtration lines, proper equipment is needed. A thorough process of deep cleaning, agitation, and the correct solutions is what will really get rid of these dark lines. Our trained professionals here at A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry have extensive experience with carpet filtration lines. After breaking up the oil, dirt, and grime particles that are locked in the carpet fibers, our powerful, yet gentle, equipment will extract the filth permanently. Our main cleaning solution is green certified; this allows your carpet to stay cleaner longer since virtually no dirt attracting residue will remain behind after the cleaning service has taken place.

When you call A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry, your home or office will have the royal treatment. There's no need to postpone any longer, call or click for noticeably cleaner carpets!

December 18, 2014

As the most reliable upholstery cleaners in the business, Chem-Dry technicians are competent in cleaning a range of fabrics, so we have the ability to treat your unique type of furniture. Spots, stains, and worn surfaces are expected, making a periodic cleaning essential to keep up with your valued furniture items in order to be sure that they stay looking and feeling clean. With A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry, your possessions will be in good hands.

Upholstery Cleaning Technician.jpgWith the healthiest products offered, A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry’s primary cleaning solution is green certified, which means it is totally harmless and non-toxic. Children, pets, and sensitive skin are exposed to upholstery on a regular basis. We wouldn’t want our customers to need to panic about the safety of their loved ones.

Be sure to ask about our product called Protectant. This product is created to help our customers maintain the upkeep of their possessions between professional cleanings. We co-apply the Protectant together with the basic clean. This is the best application of the product because it is able to go within the fibers of the fabric and protect from a much deeper level instead of just the surface. We do advise this, as all guarding agents will wear away over time and typical use.

A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry will handle your upholstery well using our drier, cleaner, and healthier cleaning solution.

November 13, 2014

Are you ready for your holiday house guests?anigif_enhanced-buzz-31435-1386615661-21.gif

It's that time of year to get ready for your holiday guests. The dilemma? You take a look at your carpets and upholstery and notice they need a deep cleaning. At A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry, we place our customers first and do our best to undertake the holiday cleaning so all you have to do is enjoy this thrilling time of year!

Your family and friends will be taking up space on your furniture so you are going to want to make sure they are clean. We wouldn't need you to have to be concerned about any hypersensitive reactions regarding the skin, so we implement a dependable solution that will even clean deep throughout the fibers. You will be able to entirely value the amount of time dedicated with your family and friends minus the dread of itchy residues or unwanted particles.

Animals, children, and even just normal foot traffic can make your home look much less inviting. Our powerful, yet gentle, solutions are sure to leave your carpets looking clean, soft, and appealing to your family and your guests. Call us today at (865)995-0288 to schedule an appointment before it's too late!

October 9, 2014

With the most innovative techniques in the cleaning industry today, A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry will allow you to experience a deeper and healthier clean. Your carpets will look and feel new again with A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry through out pioneered technique that utilizes the power of carbonation.

CDvsSteam.jpgCarbonated beverages poured into a glass clearly demonstrate the natural "lifting" properties in carbonation. The bubbles will always rise to the top of the container. A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry's solution uses this same principle. An explosive reaction caused by the carbonation will loosen dirt and grime from the individual fibers of the carpets. Once the unpleasant debris is elevated to the surface, our machines gather the particles and, using hot water, they are extracted away. Our impressive solution makes it possible for all of the dirt and grime to be removed from your carpet entirely. This offers you the most satisfying and thorough process out there.

Rather than carbonated cleaning, steam cleaners use high pressure and loads of soapy water on your carpets. Dirt and moisture are forced into your carpet creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. It may appear clean for a time, but it isn't a lasting clean. You won't be able to expect a fast dry time when this method is used. Unnecessary amounts of water cause you to wait 1-2 days for your carpets to be dry. Using just a fraction of the water, the A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry way will allow your carpets to be dry in just a few hours. The Chem-Dry of East Tennessee way is not only more convenient, but 24 times faster than what you can expect from our competitors. This is what makes Chem-Dry of East Tennessee so well known.

The remarkable services we offer can be yours - even at a budget friendly price. For the most advanced services around, contact us today!

September 17, 2014


For those of you that don't know, our son has a Great Pyrenees dog, Leia, that vomits on our carpet on an almost daily basis. We also have hardwood, tile and linoleum in different areas, but of course, she never hits those areas, only the carpet. Thank goodness for Chem-Dry's World Famous Spot Remover. We keep a can and a towel handy in several areas of our home, so we can grab it quickly to clean up the mess. Occasionally, the stain is more than the spot cleaner can remove, but at least I know that it will remove as much as possible without setting the stain permanently. Then, David can clean it with a stronger product later with no adverse effects. We have had SO many customers tell us they grabbed an over-the-counter product to clean up a spill, only to find the product contained bleach, which permanently removed the carpet dye, or some type of soap, which set the stain or left a dirt-attracting residue.

Never a problem with World Famous Spot Remover!

September 12, 2014

Having your carpets cleaned? Wait just a second! Do you really need a professional for this spot? Simple home remedies may be the most effective and money saving option for many spots and stains, even though you won't hear that from most cleaning companies. At Chem-Dry, we care about your floors. Because people are our priority, we are pleased to part with some basic stain fighting techniques.Soda Spill.jpg

One solution is simple: warm water. All you need to do is dampen the problem area and blot it with a white cloth. Aggravating the spot with aggressive scrubbing or wiping will only worsen the spot. It may even cause fraying of the carpet fiber! Continuing to blot and dab will be most effective. It pulls the stain from the carpet to your rag. Check to see if the stain is "transferring" correctly from the carpet to the cloth. If you don't see the stain picking up, don't continue blotting.

If hot water doesn't prove to be a success, the next step would be to try club soda. Chem-Dry's effective solution is based on the power of carbonation - just like club soda. The properties that are found in carbonation make it a powerful cleaning agent. Check frequently for transfer of the stain to your towel as you blot the stain. You should be using the exact same process as you did for water. If you don't notice a difference in the stain, you'll know it is time to call on the professionals at Chem-Dry. Our powerful, yet gentle techniques make us confident we can finally get rid of those pesky spots and stains by whisking away unwanted particles.

Let us prove our motto: if we can't get it out, no one can!

August 15, 2014

It’s never easier than in the warm summer months for kids and pets to get the house dirty. As fall approaches and the kids head back to school, thankfully the messes will be more controlled. Don't stress about getting all those messes clean - that's our job!

The exceptional carpet cleaning solution supplied by Chem-Dry allows us to clean deeper and faster than any other company. As compared to steam cleaners, which dump gallons of water into your carpet to hide dirt and other filth in your carpet fibers, Chem-Dry’s method uses carbonation to remove these unwanted particles from individual fibers and lift them to the surface, where they can be quickly and cleanly extracted with hot water. In addition, carpets are dry in only a few hours because of the lack of water we use to clean carpets!

Call us today for a cleaner, healthier home!

May 1, 2014

A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry is primed and ready to partner with you for this year’s Spring Cleaning!

Clearing out unused items and cleaning up your home helps us feel better. But more importantly, a deep spring cleaning in your home can help your family stay healthy and allergy-free this summer.

Most households can easily have a buildup of dust and dirt that are tracked in during the winter months. In addition, germs from colds, flu viruses and other illnesses stay stagnant in your home when the windows are closed. Opening your windows helps freshen the air, but it doesn’t help clear out the buildup of dust, dirt and germs that has built up in your carpets.

Spring and summer can also bring mild or extreme allergies for many people. Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Doing a complete spring cleaning can decrease allergy symptoms by removing dust, mites, bacteria and other allergens hiding on indoor surfaces, carpets, and upholstery.

Cleaning all surfaces, including hard-to-reach and hidden areas can reduce the allergens in your home. Cleaning blinds and removing unused bedding and plush toys can help as well.

We can help your deep spring cleaning efforts by:
- Deep cleaning your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Our services help remove the hidden allergens in your carpets, and furniture.
- Applying our Sanitizer and Dust Mite Allergen Treatment. These products can keep your carpet free of dust mites for an extended time.


Please contact us so that we can create a custom plan for your cleaning needs!

April 2, 2014

You may have a big family, or live alone. Either way, you have many more roommates than you can see.  Every time you leave your home, you track bacteria from outside into your carpets and onto your furniture. While this is just part of life, there are precautions that you can take to stop the spreading of these germs from your couch or your area rug to a dropped cookie or the fingers of a small child.

Chem-Dry uses a carbonated cleaning technique that is minimally invasive to your carpet fibers. We use 80% less water than our competitors, yet our powerful equipment extracts way more dirt and grime than any other carpet cleaning company out there. Also, our process provides you with a deeper clean, while maintaining a shorter drying time. That means there is less time for the bacteria and mold growing deep in your carpets and furniture to multiply and thrive on the moisture.

No one likes a roommate that skips out on rent. Don’t fall victim to the nasty mold stains or bacteria-filled carpets that could creep up on your before you know it! 

March 19, 2014

Over the last few years carpet manufacturers have begun to tie warranties to required maintenance by the carpet purchaser. Now, just like when you buy a new car, carpet warranties require you to maintain your carpet within certain parameters. Well, its only important if you want to keep your carpet looking as good as possible for as long as possible. Just because something wasn’t required by the manufacturer when you bought your carpet, it was probably recommended by the manufacturer. The bottom line is that proper maintenance will help you get a greater return your carpet investment, no matter when it was purchased. And making use of the research that carpet mills have recently put into making carpet last longer, just makes sense. So with that in mind let’s look at changes in warranty requirements over the last few years:

It’s important to stay informed about your carpet’s warranty. According to an article by Tom Wolfe from Impressions Carpet Services, “A percentage of what you paid for your carpet went to cover the anticipated costs to the manufacturer for warranty claims. [These] claims are more often than not the result of poor, or improper, maintenance. Over the last few years, carpet manufacturers have begun to tie warranties to required maintenance by the carpet purchaser.

This means that whether you are in the market for new carpet or not, you need to be aware that the requirements are become more strict for warranties. “The bottom line is that proper maintenance will help you get a greater return on your carpet investment, no matter when it was purchased,” the article goes on to say.

Some of the main issues that manufacturers are addressing fall into 4 categories:

1. The proper cleaning method.
Most carpet mills require the Hot-Water Extraction Cleaning process, which is the method that Chem-Dry uses to give your carpets a deep clean without damaging the carpet fibers.

2. The proper cleaning schedule.
As a general rule, all major manufacturers have a minimum requirement that carpets be cleaned every 1-2 years. (keep your receipts as proof)

3. The proper cleaning system.
Your carpets should be cleaned professionally by equipment that is tested and certified with the Carpet and Rug Institute. All Chem-Dry equipment is certified and rated GOLD with the CRI, providing your home with the best technicians and equipment to get your carpets cleaner than ever.

4. The proper cleaning technician.
The single most important aspect in proper cleaning is to get the right person to do the job. All Chem-Dry technicians are trained and certified to deliver amazing results, while maintaining efficiency and staying affordable.

Stick with these handy rules to stay up to date with your warranty and keep your carpet looking great – FOREVER! 

We have found that when the a customer does at least one cleaning per year, the carpet in the high traffic areas not only cleans up easier, but it makes a huge difference in the amount of wear in those areas.

February 28, 2014

Welcome to the A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry blog! Check back later for news, updates, and other messages from the owners!

Master Technician
Tile & Stone

*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.

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